Where some of today's most fascinating artists, producers, label owners, and DJs take us on an intimate journey through their personal record collections and the stories behind the music.

With your host, founder of Toneoptic, Fabian Geyrhalter.


Dave Audé has to date produced 133 #1 US Dance tracks, which means he has more number ones than any other producer on the Billboard Dance Club charts. He won a Grammy for his remix of Uptown Funk and has worked with everybody from U2 to Rihanna, Beyonce to Lady Gaga, Sting to Madonna, the list is endless…

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For many Skeme Richards is considered to be one of the best break DJs out there. Skeme has collaborated with some of the big names in Hip Hop and was part of the most recognized name in the B-Boy and breakdance movement, The Rock Steady Crew. We take a personal tour through his 15,000+ record collection.

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