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Crate Dig

Every month our Founder hits up a new store, asks the owner to pick the coolest rare record that recently hit their shelves, and then subsequently buys it so we can give it to one of you to add to your collection.

Why? Because it provides us immense joy to see others' collections grow with records we'd love to own ourselves while supporting record stores.

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The Toneoptic Ten

10 new songs that caught our attention over the past 30 days. Discover them here now, buy them on vinyl later.

Curated with 🖤 by our Founder, updated on the 1st of every month. Enjoy!

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Sound Habit

Where some of today's most fascinating artists, producers, label owners, and DJs take us on an intimate journey through their personal record collections and the stories behind the music.

With your host, Founder of Toneoptic, Fabian Geyrhalter.

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