rpm Classic Gray – rotating vinyl record storage display

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The Toneoptic rpm classic gray vinyl storage furniture comes in a gray texture powder coat finish with a snow white felt mat to protect your records. Each meticulously hand-crafted patent-pending unit stores up to 75 records and features 2 dividers to allow for categorizing or organizing 12", 10" and 7" records.

Made in the U.S.

All units are designed in Los Angeles and meticulously hand-crafted in Seattle.

What's In The Box

1 rpm unit

1 felt mat insert

2 painted aluminum divider tabs

1 french cleat system


18" depth

19 3/4" width

17 1/4" height (measurements are in inches)

weighs ~45 lbs

How to install: 

For detailed installation instructions click here


"Clever design that provides both fun and function" 
– Financial Times 

"Takes Vinyl Storage Out for an Innovative Spin" 
– Design Milk 

"For some collectors, vinyl storage and display is almost as important as playing the records themselves. Toneoptic have devised a mechanical solution that’ll satisfy the needs of display and function" 

"The rpm offers the best of the shelf and record crate approaches…with ultra-modern flair" 
– Forbes 

"For audiophiles and music lovers who demand the best in LP playback, Toneoptic wants to elevate their storage in an equivalent manner" 
The Absolute Sound 

"Ingenious and elegant" 
– Gessato 

"Combines the best of record store type flip bin convenience with more traditional spine type display through the use of a unique mechanism" 
– AnalogPlanet 

"You certainly get what you pay for" 
– Paste Magazine 

"Their impressively versatile, Scandinavian-inspired style, makes them a good fit for most, if not all, modern and contemporary households" 
– Padstyle 

"The absolute best way to display a small collection of vinyl" 
– Cool Material 

"Designed to deliver a multi-sensory experience for the sophisticated vinyl collector" 

"An ultra-modern way to keep the old-fashioned media stowed and on display between uses" 
– Trend Hunter 

"A fluid blend of impeccable design, formidable functionality, and staunch craftsmanship" 

"Your vinyl deserves better than a bookshelf" 
– UrbanDaddy 

"Record storage designed to be flipped through" 
–  Minimal Goods 

"t’s a shelf with a twist and that unique element is what makes it quite the novel place to keep your treasure trove of music." 
–  CLAD